A little bit of New England in Oslo

There’s Irish Pubs all over the world.  We stumbled on one in Lecce, Italy run by old soccer player who played Bob Marley on the stereo all night.

Photo: Brent Petersen

But, in Oslo there’s one that blew our mind.  It’s called O’Learys and it’s in the old town on the road to the royal palace.  In Irish pubs you expect to see a cozy bar with a lot of wood, a band playing trad Celtic music and Guinness on tap.

O’Learys is a sports bar of the kind you’d find Boston, the walls covered with pictures of Tom Brady and David Ortiz.  Inside, all the TVs were blasting soccer games.  We asked if we could watch the Red Sox game on one of them, but were politely told to buzz off.

Author: dedadmin