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Destination Eat Drink tells the culinary story of our favorite cities around the world. Whether it’s currywurst in Berlin, pavlova in Auckland, or beignets in New Orleans, we’re constantly looking for the dishes that make travel unique.

And, our weekly podcast adds to the adventure with more Foodie Travel Guides, interviews, and insider tips.

Join us on our foodie adventure.

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4 Ways to Have an Authentic Foodie Experience in Lyon, France

You might be surprised to learn that Paris isn’t the gastronomy capital of France. Lyon is. And, the city’s love for food is on display daily. Here’s how you can enjoy it, too. Dine at a Bouchon Bouchons are the most interesting places to eat in Lyon. Here, Lyon’s version of comfort food is served….

Lisbon’s Best Beverages

Coffee, Wine, and sweet, local liqueurs. Lisbon is one of Europe’s best cities for liquid refreshment. Ginjinha A Ginjinha, Lisbon (Photo: Brent Petersen) Enjoying a Ginjinha is one of the highlights of a trip to Lisbon. Served in little plastic shot glasses and usually costing about 1.5€, getting a Ginjinha is cheap way to have…

How the Most Famous Street Food in Berlin Arrived From England (and the U.S. and India)

Currywurst is available on practically every block in Berlin. But, this seemingly quintessential German food only dates to Allied occupation of the city. Vegan Currywurst from Curry at the Wall, Berlin (photo: Brent Petersen) With a name like Currywurst, you’d think this was a traditional German dish. But, it’s not. Unlike other Wursts, (Bratwurst, Knackwurst,…

Is It Chocolatine or Pain au Chocolat?

Depending on where you are in France, the singular treat is called by many different names. Chocolatine: (Photo: Mink Mingle on Unsplash) I love culinary debates. Deep dish or thin crust? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Should chili have beans? Pick a topic and let’s discuss, debate, analyze, and nitpick. But I really love linguistic culinary debates….

The Three Street Food Dishes You Must Try in Palermo

Your favorite culinary experience in Palermo might just be from the back of a 3-wheeled truck or a sidewalk street food vendor. Palermo is full of great restaurants, from five star gourmand experiences to mom & pop hole in the wall joints making grandma’s recipes. And, the street food scene is the best in all…

How to Enjoy Two Different Bellinis in Italy

You’ve probably enjoyed a luscious Bellini or two during brunch but there’s a second Bellini-inspired dish that you have to try in Italy. Pasta alla Norma (photo: Brent Petersen) Bellini Cocktail The Bellini, a delicious combination of peach nectar and Prosecco, is a staple of brunch menus all over the United States. Day drinking never…

Italy’s Greatest Coffee Drink

I know. “Italy’s Greatest Coffee Drink” is a bold statement. But, the first time I sipped a Bicerin, I knew I’d just experienced Coffee, Chocolate, and Cream nirvana.  Bicerin at Caffe al Bicerin, Turin, Italy (photo: Brent Petersen) In the 17th century there was a similar bev, even if it was infinitely inferior. Uncouth barbatians…

2 Sweets and 2 Drinks You Must Try in Madrid

The Spanish love their sweets. And, they are delicious. In fact, later in this article I will commit the unforgivable sin of putting a Spanish treat ahead of a similar French one (at least unforgivable to the French). But, remember, you’ll order these sweet treats for breakfast, not after a meal for dessert. So, here’s…

6 Tapas Dishes You Must Try In Madrid

About Tapas There are plenty of high-end and Michelin starred restaurants in Madrid. But the best way to get inside the city is to sample the countless traditional tapas bars. Look for restaurants with a plaque in front of them. These are awarded by the City of Madrid to restaurants that have been in operation…

Killing time in Ortigia, Sicily

Accordion player in the piazza (Photo: Brent Petersen) Excerpt from a larger piece I’m working on: Ortigia is a maze of winding, narrow streets.  Three story limestone buildings fill the island, blotting the sun from most of the interior streets, barely wide enough for a Fiat 500 to pass.  Pedestrians step into doorways to avoid…

Ravenel Bridge, Charleston, SC

Completed in just 2005, the Ravenel Bridge (technically, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge) has become one of the iconic sites in Charleston. That’s because of the striking diamond-shaped towers with cables stretching hundreds of feet make for a beautiful vista above the Cooper River.

Whale Watching in Honolulu

First thing we saw when setting out was a rainbow. Must be good luck! Winter is whale watching season in Hawaii. Humpback whales travel from the waters around Alaska, where they feed in the summer, to Hawaii, where they give birth and feed their calves, in winter. Humpback whales were hunted to near extinction, but…

Chinese New Year, Honolulu

Lion at the Chinese New Year celebration, Honolulu (Photo: Brent Petersen) Chinese New Year is Tuesday, February 5th, 2019. In Hawaii, there is a sizable Chinese population, so there is a big celebration. Chinatown in Honolulu, of course, is the center of the festivities, but there are Chinese New Year celebrations…

St. Martin’s Day

Ljubljana, Slovenia Photo: Brent Petersen November 11th is St. Martin’s Day, a feast day celebrated throughout Europe to commemorate Saint Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier who became a monk.  Saint Martin is known for giving away all his possessions except his cloak.  One day he saw a beggar in snowstorm…

What did I eat?

Guest Blogger – Vesna Plakanis Vesna Plakanis and her husband Erik are certified naturalists and owners of the outdoor backpacking and tour company A Walk In The Woods. Her guest blogger post about some mystery meat in Costa Rica will make you laugh. Or gag. Photo courtesy of Vesna Plakanis Guest…

Festa Italiana, Honolulu, Hawaii

Photo: Brent Petersen Italians first visited Hawaii almost 200 years ago. And while their numbers are small on the islands, wherever Italians go, their pride in their culture follows. Apertol Spritz Photo: Brent Petersen The Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii (FOISOH) is a group promoting the…

A trip to Italy leads tourists to traipse for truffles

Rick Kaempfer, guest blogger Rick Kaempfer is an author and publisher based in Chicagoland. He’s also lived in Germany and has traveled extensively with his family. Check out Rick’s blog for more of his writing including the many books he has authored, all of which are highly recommended. His labor or love, Just One Bad…

South Africa by Train

Rick Kaempfer, guest blogger Rick Kaempfer is an author and publisher based in Chicagoland. He’s also lived in Germany and has traveled extensively with his family. Check out Rick’s blog for more of his writing including the many books he has authored, all of which are highly recommended. His labor or love, Just One Bad…

Undiscovered Chianti

Vertine, Italy Photo: Brent Petersen Tuscany is perhaps the best known region of Italy and is quite crowded with tourists. But, there are still some hill towns whose cobbled streets aren’t jammed with daytrippers from Florence or Siena. That’s usually because they don’t have blockbuster artistic and architectural attractions or the…

Graffiti in Palermo, Sicily

Graffiti in Palermo, Sicily Palermo has some great street art. Here are some of my favorite pictures. (Photo: Brent Petersen) (Photo: Brent Petersen) (Photo: Brent Petersen) (Photo: Brent Petersen) (Photo: Brent Petersen) (Photo: Brent Petersen)

Records for sale

Records for sale Photo: Brent Petersen Photo: Brent Petersen Photo: Brent Petersen Whenever I see a street market or flea market I always stop and browse. You’ll always find the coolest gadgets and junk.  A couple folks are usually selling old albums and…

Straw the police’s noise

Graffiti in Turin, Italy (Photo: Brent Petersen) I have not idea what the literal translation of “Straw the Police’s Noise” is because I don’t think there is a real Italian verb “Straw.” But, looking at the picture, I think I can guess the meaning,

Dinosaur tracks, Leander, Texas

Dinosaur track in Leander, TX (photo: Brent Petersen) Between 66 and 125 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed Texas. There are several places where you can see real dinosaur tracks, including the popular Dinosaur Valley State Park. But, I was excited to find out that you can see dinosaur tracks in the…

Dancing to the latest sounds

Photo: Brent Petersen This kid was obviously enjoying the music at the Buzet Truffle Festival in Buzet, Croatia.

Skyline Club, Austin, Texas

Photo: Brent Petersen Recently, I discovered that Hank Williams made his final public appearance at the Skyline Club in Austin on December 19th, 1952. Hank would be found dead in the backseat of his Cadillac less than two weeks later. By the end of his life, Hank was in bad shape. He was popping pain…

Stickwork, Austin, Texas

Photo: Brent Petersen At Custer Meadow in Pease Park in Austin is a new piece of artwork, a series of sculptures called Stickwork. Artist Patrick Dougherty created the structures using branches and saplings from local trees, tying them together and making them into the shapes you see in these pictures.

Pont Alexander III, Paris

Pont Alexander III, Paris

One of the nicest ways to spend an afternoon in Paris is by wandering along the Seine. In the 7th arrondissement you’ll see one of the grandest bridges in Paris, Pont Alexander III. The bridge was completed in 1900 as a symbol of the Franco-Russian alliance and is named after Russian Tsar Alexander III. There…

Searching for that elusive truffle

An excerpt from my novel “Truffle Hunt,” about why so many people trudge into the woods looking for truffles. My novel Truffle Huntavailable for download There must be a pretty stong motivation for hundreds, maybe thousands of men and women to get up before dawn every morning and chase their dogs through the Motovun Forest…

Papyrus making in Sicily

Photo: Brent Petersen Less than an hour from Catania’s international airport in Sicily is one of my favorite towns in the world, Ortigia.  Ortigia is a small island connected by two bridges to the city of Syracuse. There are lots of reasons to visit Ortigia, the warm weather and sparkling water, incredible Sicilian baroque architecture,…

Vespa in Florence, Italy

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="586"] Photo: Brent Petersen I spotted this vespa with a cracked windshield in Florence and it captivated me.  I wanted to know the story.  How did the windshield get cracked?  A pebble shot up from the wheel of a car in front?  Some debris falling off a truck?  An angry pedestrian trying…