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Foz do Douro, Portugal

A quick trip from Porto, Foz do Douro seems a world away. Foz do Douro origin story The parish of Foz do Douro only has a population of about 10,000 people contained in an area of less than 3/4 of a square mile. Compared to Porto, that’s tiny! Portugal’s first king Afonso Henriques asked for…

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Wine Crawl in undiscovered Palmela, Portugal

Brent is in the Setubal region of Portugal to wineries in the town of Palmela. He samples wines made from Portuguese grapes like Castelão and Fernão-Pires in some gorgeous settings. Plus, he visits a spectacular hilltop fortress that dates to Roman times. Support Destination Eat Drink Quinta do Piloto Palmela Castle…

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The best gelato in Milan, Italy

Milan is one of the best cities in all of Italy for Gelato. It rivals even Florence for the number of high quality gelaterias. Artisan makers create classic flavors and new tastes using fresh ingredients. Stracciatella Stracciatella, one of the most flavors of gelato, originated in the city of Bergamo, not far from Milan. In…

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Life in Portugal: Cost of Living & Monthly Budget

Brent is in the Santos neighborhood of Lisbon visiting the famous Green Street and enjoying a chocolate salami with his coffee while talking about a monthly budget living in Portugal. About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides in Setubal, Portugal. Brent has written the novel “Truffle…

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Pastel de Nata de Bolota

In far eastern Portugal, near the border with Spain, you’ll find a pastry that’s a unique take on the famous Pastel de Nata. Pastel de Nata de Bolota (photo: Brent Petersen) Holm Oak trees are common in Spain and in much of Portugal, especially in the eastern region near the border with Spain. Sometimes, Holm…

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Campo de Ourique, Lisbon charming cafes & natural wine

Brent returns to Lisbon’s non-touristy Campo de Ourique neighborhood and visits a characteristic cafe and a natural wine bar. Plus, a museum dedicated to Portugal’s famous poet, Pessoa, a creepy cemetery, and truffle cheese. Lisbon Foodie Travel Guide… Almada Pastry Crawl    • Almada, Portugal pastry crawl   Almada Food Crawl    • Almada, Portugal food crawl & sites   Port Wine Crawl    • Port Wine Crawl in Porto, Portugal   Cemitério de Prazeres…

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Pastel Cordobés

In Portugal, where I live, it seems every town has it’s own pastry, usually an egg-based custard tart of some kind, so it’s always fun to track down and taste the local specialty. In Spain, it’s often the same. For Cordoba, that local treat is called the Pastel Cordobés. Essentially, it’s sweetened squash jam filling…

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Lisbon’s Campo de Ourique food crawl & creepy 19th century murder mystery

Brent visits Lisbon’s Campo de Ourique, a non-touristy neighborhood in the popular city. He samples gelado in an amazing food hall, enjoys a classic soup in a traditional cafe, and tells the story of Lisbon’s notorious 19th century serial killer. Lisbon Foodie Travel Guide… Mercado de Campo de Ourique… Aqueduto das Águas…

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St. Martin’s Day

November 11th is a day wine lovers look forward to in Slovenia St. Martin’s Day celebration in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Photo: Brent Petersen) November 11th is St. Martin’s Day, a feast day celebrated throughout Europe to commemorate Saint Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier who became a monk. Saint Martin is known for giving away all…

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Negroni Sbagliato (Incorrect Negroni)

The social media sensation cocktail was invented in Milan 50 years ago. Negroni Sbagliato origin story Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso (image: Lea Anouchinsky) During a TV interview in 2022, actor Emma D’Arcy of HBO’s House of Dragon, talked about their favorite drink, Negroni Sbagliato, translated to Incorrect Negroni. The cocktail, originated at Bar Basso in…

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Life in Portugal as an American

Brent is in Lisbon talking about how he moved to Portugal, what it is like living there, and how he makes friends in a new country. Plus, a visit to the top of an historic arch and a coffee at an iconic coffee shop. Arco da Rua Augusta… Martinho da Arcada Fábrica…

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The Bone Chapel where a Duke was murdered

The Santuario di San Bernardino is not only where a creepy ossuary is located, it’s also where a very unpopular Italian Duke was assassinated. Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa origin story In 417 CE, a church was built where the current chapel stands, but a fire destroyed it in 1070. A new church was…

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Lisbon Pastel de Nata Crawl, part 2

Brent is back in Lisbon for more great bakeries serving up the famous custard tart, Pastel de Nata. He hits some of his all time favorite spots including the first place he ever tried a Pastel de Nata in Portugal years ago. Pastelaria Capri Pastelaria Santo António Church of Saint Anthony of…

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Pastel de Nata crawl in Lisbon, Part 1

Brent is in Lisbon to try Portugal’s famous custard tart, the Pastel de Nata. He visits the place where it was invented and some other spots to try the delicious treat including a couple off the beaten path bakeries. Mafraria Pastéis de Nata Pastéis de Belém Jerónimos Monastery Manteigaria Pastelaria…

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Witches of Wickford Paddle

An offshoot of the popular Witch Dance, Rhode Islanders dress in costume and paddle around the harbor. Witch Dance Walpurgis Night, April 30, is a Christian holiday celebrating the canonization of Saint Walpurga and the movement of her relics to Eichstätt, Germany, both of which happened on May 1, 870 CE. St. Walpurga was an…

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Quinta do Piloto Winery, Palmela, Portugal

A short drive from Lisbon is a world-class winery with incredible views. Quinta do Piloto winery (photo: Brent Petersen)Seating at Quinta do Piloto winery (photo: Brent Petersen)Shady spot at Quinta do Piloto winery (photo: Brent Petersen) Quinta do Piloto origin story In 1900, Humberto da Silva Cardoso emigrated from Brazil to Portugal. Young Humberto worked…

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Bay Festival & Custom Motorcycle Festival in Setubal, Portugal

Brent takes a boat ride during the Setubal Bay Festival (Festas da Baía de Setúbal), checks out the cool bikes at the Custom Weekend, and samples a Flat White at a new coffee place in town. Plus, some hard rockin’ tunes! Irukandji Espresso Bar Harley Riders Setúbal Destination Eat Drink podcast…

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Wine bars, Negroni Sbagliato, Truffles & Springsteen in Milan, Italy

Brent is in Milan visiting the coolest wine bar, sipping a “broken” Negroni, and enjoying decadent truffles. And, he caps off the trip with a concert by The Boss! GluFree Bakery Cantine Isola dal 1896 oTTo Peck Bar Basso Tartufi Enoteca di Tannico Truffle Hunt novel by…

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Cabo Espichel, Portugal

A windy point with a legend about a giant donkey is a great day trip from Lisbon Cabo Espichel lighthouse (photo: Brent Petersen) Cabo Espichel origin story There is evidence of tribes in the area of Cabo Espichel (Cape Spike) about 2,500 years ago. While the Romans were in the area 2,000 years ago, it…

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Champagne sorbetto, wine & mini pastry in Milan, Italy

Brent is in Milan, Italy to visit the Milan Cathedral and tries a sorbetto made with Champagne, yummy mini pastries, and a special wine. Plus, a shot of espresso and a visit to the famous La Scala opera house. Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa Milan Cathedral Rinascente Galleria Vittorio Emanuele…

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Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon

Lisbon’s magnificent monastery is a must-visit for anyone coming to the city Jerónimos Monastery exterior (photo: Brent Petersen) Jerónimos Monastery origin story Portugal, specifically the king and his family, were growing unbelievably wealthy in the early 1500’s thanks to a tax on imported goods from India and other parts of Asia that were entering the…

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The Last Supper, gelato & Navigli bar crawl in Milan

Brent is in Milan, Italy to see Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece and try some of the city’s best gelato, coffee, and pastry. Plus, a bar crawl in the Navigli neighborhood. Podcast… Antica Gelateria Sartori The Last Supper Basilica di San Vittore al Corpo… Dolci Namura Torrefazione Moka Hodeidah…

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Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum in Lisbon)

Outside the tourist areas is an incredible museum in a 16th century convent that most visitors to Lisbon miss. Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum) (photo: Brent Petersen) Azulejo Tiles The word Azulejo comes from the Arabic word Zellij and means “polished stone.” This style of decorative painted tiles, first in Spain and later…

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4 Great Neighborhood Bars in Setubal, Portugal

Brent is bar hopping Setubal to 4 different neighborhoods and 4 different bars. He samples wine, Moscatel, Beirão, and espresso with a shot of firewater! O Painel, Av. Manuel Maria Portela 85, 2900-212 Setúbal Snack Bar Amoreiras, Av. Dr. António Rodrigues Manito 78C, 2900-062 Setúbal Sociedade Musical Recreativa União Setubalense, Av. Luísa Todi 233,…

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Bocage Day

Every year on September 15th, Setubal celebrates the birthdate of its most famous poet. Flower arrangements at the base of the statue for Bocage Day in Setubal, Portugal (photo: Brent Petersen) Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage Manuel Maria Barbosa l’Hedois du Bocage was born in Setubal in 1765. He became so famous for his poetry…

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Homemade Ginjinha

Brent is on the hunt for the sour Ginja cherry at the Livramento Market in Setubal. He uses them to make the famous Portuguese liqueur Ginjinha. About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides in Setubal, Portugal. Brent has written the novel “Truffle Hunt” (Eckhartz Press) and…

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Benagil Cave & Algarve food crawl

Brent’s in Vilamoura in Portugal’s Algarve for a boat trip to the famous Benagil Cave. Then, he enjoys some great food and wine and even takes some time to play on the beach! iapepe AL’s Bar Salmora About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides in Setubal,…

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Cordoba’s incredible Mosque-Cathedral

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is far and away the top site in the city. And, for good reason. This awe-inspiring building was constructed by both the Islamic and, later, the Christian rulers of the Iberian Peninsula. Mosque-Cathedral origin story Construction of the Mezquita began in the 8th century CE, as ordered by the Umayyad royal…

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Loulé, Portugal Food crawl in The Algarve

Brent is in Portugal’s Algarve to visit the ancient city of Loulé. He starts the day in an historic pastelaria to try a local pastry. Then, its medieval castles, churches, and an Islamic bathhouse before a delicious lunch and a visit to the market for ice cream and the local firewater. Foodie Travel Guides…

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Algar de Benagil (Benagil Cave)

The Algarve’s stunning natural rock formation is a short boat ride away. Up the coast less than 20 miles from the resort town of Vilamoura, Portugal is the stunning Benagil Cave. Porous rock dominates this part of the coast. Over many centuries and millennia, erosion created the Algar de Benagil (Benagil Cave) as well as…

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