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An Italian bread made from scraps of dough

One of my favorite things about Italy is the culture’s ingenious frugality. Have grape skins and stems left over from making wine? Distill it into grappa. Dug up some stones from building a cistern? Construct a trullo. And if you have scraps of dough left over from bread making, you bake them into la piscialetta….

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Bajtra, Malta’s unique beverage

On the tiny island country of Malta, people enjoy a liqueur called bajtra, made from local prickly pears. But, outside of Malta, bajtra is practically unknown. Bajtra origin story Malta is a group of three islands in the Mediterranean Sea, about the same distance from Palermo, Sicily as the north coast of Africa. The hot,…

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How to make Limoncello at home

Homemade Limoncello is easy to make. You just need the correct ingredients and a little patience. Limoncello origin story You might be surprised to learn that the history of Limoncello doesn’t go back very far. Even though some claim that Limoncello’s roots extend almost as far back as the original cultivation of lemons, most food…

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I lied to Lyle Lovett

Backstage pass for 1993 Lyle Lovett concert (image: Brent Petersen) We all have a stash of stories about ourselves we like to tell. Over the years you tell these stories over and over again, learning which stories work and which ones don’t.  And you keep telling the ones that prove to a roomful of strangers…

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I tried making homemade vermouth. Here’s what happened.

Vermouth is enjoying a moment. If you want to make your own batch of the aromatic fortified wine at home, it’s pretty easy. As long as you avoid a few pitfalls. Vermouth origin story Vermouth barrel at Casa Toni, Madrid (Image: Brent Petersen) In 1786, Antonio Benedetto Carpano invented Vermouth in Turin, Italy. As the…

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How a meal for miners migrated to Michigan

Pasties have been a culinary staple in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for over 150 years. What started out as a meal for miners is now enjoyed by Yoopers and visitors alike. What is a Pasty? Much like a calzone or any number of other dumpling-like dishes, a pasty is, in its simplest form, dough filled with…

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Christmas on a plate in Santa Fe

One of the first questions you’ll be asked when eating in Santa Fe is “Red or green?” Your waitperson is inquiring whether you would like a sauce of red chiles or green chiles on your dish. By answering “Christmas,” you’ll get a combination of the two. Foodie Santa Fe Santa Fe has become a foodie…

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In Defense of Cheap Plastic Souvenirs

Recently, I was talking with my friend Mickela Mallozzi for my podcast. Mickela is the creator and host of the wildly entertaining show on PBS, Bare Feet. I’m paraphrasing, but Mickela made the point that rather than spending money on cheap little knick knacks, travelers would be better served putting their hard-earned dollars towards fun…

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Lisbon’s Feast of St. Anthony

Lisbon’s biggest party celebrates the city’s patron saint with a barrage of music and dancing, not to mention grilled sardines, wine, and potted basil plants. My St. Anthony experience. Before visiting Lisbon, I had a distorted view of St. Anthony. For many years, I lived in Rhode Island, the state with the most people having…

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Movies featuring each region of Italy

Italy is home to a vibrant film making industry that has been widely recognized over the years for its quality and innovation. And, many filmmakers have used Italy as the setting for their films. Abruzzo Abruzzo is a mountainous region of Italy that also boasts miles of stunning coastline. Several movies have used Abruzzo’s magnificent…

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New Zealand’s dessert named for a ballerina

I love a good culinary controversy, and the question of who can claim to have invented the Pavlova is a good one. Pavlova origin story Anna Pavlova was a world-famous Russian ballerina who performed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1926. While staying at a Wellington hotel the chef there created a dish for her and…

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10 movies that will make you love Sicily

Sicily is an extraordinary place filled with gorgeous scenery, a fascinating history, and interesting people. While many famous films are set in Rome (La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday, Bicycle Thieves) or Tuscany (Under the Tuscan Sun, A Room with a View), Sicily provides a spectacular backdrop for many famous and lesser known motion pictures. The…

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The most popular fast food in Berlin

Doner Kebab (aka Doner Kebap) has only been available in Germany for 50 years. But, in that time it has become the most popular street food in the country with over 16,000 places offering the meal of meat and veggies wrapped in a pita. And, Berlin is the epicenter of the Doner Kebab. Doner Kebab…

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The best sweet treat in Madrid

Nope, it’s not churros y chocolate. It’s a pastry that came from Venice, gets its name from Italy, and was made famous in France Churros y Chocolate The best known sweet treat in Spain is churros y chocolate. All over the country, people start their morning by dipping sticks of fried dough into cups of…

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Shopping for candy in New Zealand

The Kiwis love their sweets and one of the best souvenirs you can bring home is several bags of “lollies.” What is a Lolly? What we Americans call “candy” and the Brits call “sweets” is referred to as a “lolly” in New Zealand (and Australia). You’ll recognize favorite confections like chocolate bars and licorice, but…

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Canelé – Bordeaux’s Column-shaped pastry

Visit a bakery in the French city of Bordeaux and you’re sure to enjoy cute cakes shaped like little Doric-style columns. Canelé origin story The art of wine making goes back over 8.000 years. These early wines were simply fermented grapes and likely had a harsh taste. But, somewhere along the line, an ingenious person…

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Corn Smut, Mexico’s fine dining delicacy

All over Mexico, Huitlacoche is savored for its subtle elegance. But, somehow, this culinary gem is ignored in the U.S. where the fungus is given the derogatory name of “corn smut.” What is corn smut? Huitlacoche (Image: Monica Ortiz) Huitlacoche, also known as corn smut and Mexican truffle, is a corn fungus. Normally, Huitlacoche…

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Hawaii’s love affair with Spam

Spam, that processed canned pork product with the distinctive blue and yellow packaging, is incredibly popular in Hawaii. In fact, Hawaiians eat, on average, five cans of Spam every year. Five cans! Spam’s Hawaiian Origin Story Spam, short for SPiced hAM, was invented as a way to market the relatively unpopular pork shoulder cut. Due…

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Naples’ custom of sharing espresso with strangers

Customers visit caffès in Naples each morning and order two espressos. But, they don’t drink both. The second one is called a “Caffè Sospeso” or suspended coffee.   Caffè Sospeso Origin Story Naples was once a powerful city, rich both economically and culturally. But, after Italian unification in 1861, Naples fell on hard times. Cholera…

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Why We Eat Zeppole on Saint Joseph’s Day

Italian bakeries crank out millions of zeppole every Saint Joseph’s Day. Enjoying this delicious pastry is a tradition not only in Italy, but all over the world. Saint Joseph’s Day March 19th is Saint Joseph’s Day, aka the Feast of Saint Joseph. It’s also recognized as Father’s Day in many countries, including Italy. All the…

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Beatles Songs About Real Places

The Beatles remain the most popular group in rock and roll history. Their songs delight and inspire fans even today. While some of their songs are of the simple “boy loves girl” variety, others are more complicated with deeper meaning and shrouded references. Let’s take a look at some Beatles’ songs and the real-life places…

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Where to get the best Guinness in Dublin

They say Guinness doesn’t travel well. The implication is that by putting a keg on a boat or a plane, the delicious stout loses some of its flavor. That might be true. At least partially. But, I have another theory as to why Guinness tastes so much better in Dublin. It’s because you’re drinking it…

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Why Malaysian Food is So Popular is Wellington, New Zealand

One of the first things you notice in Wellington is all the Malaysian restaurants in the city. Most are run by Malay ex-pats and their story is fascinating. Photo: Brent Petersen Chinese Malaysians Most of the immigrants from Malaysia to New Zealand are ethnic Chinese, not Malay. Chinese people have been emigrating to Malaysia for…

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4 Dishes (and Some Wine) You Must Try in Slovenia

Tiny Slovenia is sandwiched between Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and the Adriatic Sea. Her delicious cuisine takes cues from all these cultures, yet remains true to itself. Soups Since Slovenia is at the foothills of the Alps, one-pot meals and soups are especially popular here. These dishes are warming and hearty, especially during the cold…

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4 Ways to Have an Authentic Foodie Experience in Lyon, France

You might be surprised to learn that Paris isn’t the gastronomy capital of France. Lyon is. And, the city’s love for food is on display daily. Here’s how you can enjoy it, too. Dine at a Bouchon Bouchons are the most interesting places to eat in Lyon. Here, Lyon’s version of comfort food is served….

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Lisbon’s Best Beverages

Coffee, Wine, and sweet, local liqueurs. Lisbon is one of Europe’s best cities for liquid refreshment. Ginjinha A Ginjinha, Lisbon (Photo: Brent Petersen) Enjoying a Ginjinha is one of the highlights of a trip to Lisbon. Served in little plastic shot glasses and usually costing about 1.5€, getting a Ginjinha is cheap way to have…

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How the Most Famous Street Food in Berlin Arrived From England (and the U.S. and India)

Currywurst is available on practically every block in Berlin. But, this seemingly quintessential German food only dates to Allied occupation of the city. Vegan Currywurst from Curry at the Wall, Berlin (photo: Brent Petersen) With a name like Currywurst, you’d think this was a traditional German dish. But, it’s not. Unlike other Wursts, (Bratwurst, Knackwurst,…

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Is It Chocolatine or Pain au Chocolat?

Depending on where you are in France, the singular treat is called by many different names. Chocolatine: (Photo: Mink Mingle on Unsplash) I love culinary debates. Deep dish or thin crust? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Should chili have beans? Pick a topic and let’s discuss, debate, analyze, and nitpick. But I really love linguistic culinary debates….

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