Guimaraes, Portugal Foodie tour with unique pastries and an amazing viewpoint!

Guimarães is known as the “Birthplace of Portugal.” Brent visits some historic places and sites with sweeping views, but mostly it’s a trip to sample the terrific local cuisine. From a tart named after the city to a Michelin guide restaurant to a place you can’t even find on Google, Brent tries it all and shares the best with you!

Pâtisserie Clarinha   / pastelaria.clarinha  

Guimarães Castle & Duke’s Palace

Taberna Corta, Rua de Couros, Guimaraes Penha Cable Car

Cor de Tangerina

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Largo da Oliveira, 4810-438 Guimarães

Divina Gula   / divinagula44  

34   / restaurante34  

Green Bistrot https://green-bistrot-alimentacao-sau…

Padaria das Trinas

Braga video    • Braga Wine Crawl & Churches  

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Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides in Setubal, Portugal. Brent has written the novel “Truffle Hunt” (Eckhartz Press) and the short story collection “That Bird.” He’s also written dozens of foodie travel guides to cities around the world on Destination Eat Drink, including in-depth eating and drinking guides in Portugal for Lisbon, PortoSintraÉvoraBragaLouléAlmadaMonsaraz, and Batalha. Brent’s podcast, also called Destination Eat Drink, is available on all major podcasting platforms.

Author: Brent