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Calle San Juan in Logrono, Spain

Brent is in Logroño, Spain for a Tapas crawl along the famous Calle del Laurel. He samples small dishes from restaurants that serve just one dish and then enjoys two kinds of asparagus. Plus, he finds a Michelangelo hiding in plain sight. Bar Cid Tr.ª de Laurel, 1, 26001 Logroño, La Rioja, Spain Bar…

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Cicadas with Monica Eng from Axios

Monica Eng is an award winning journalist from Chicago who has worked at the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, WBEZ radio, and now, Axois. She took on the story of this year’s so-called Cicadapalooza, and has written stories about why this year’s Cicada emergence, going as far as frying and eating the noisy little insects….

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The unique pastries of Guimarães, Portugal

Every city, town, and village in Portugal, it seems, has its own specialty pastry. Searching them out as you travel is a fun and sweet activity. Convent Sweets Many of these unique pastries originated in the convents and monasteries of Portugal. Nuns would often make and sell these treats as a way to supplement the…

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Tapas crawl on Laurel Street in Logrono

Laurel Street in Logroño is lined with amazing tapas bars. Many only have a single item on the menu, so you know it’s good! Brent visits some of the best spots including a spot that compares its mushrooms to the Eiffel Tower. About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink….

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Podcast: Desserts in Seville, New Zealand, New Mexico & Seattle

Brent visits Seville, Spain to learn about buying cakes from nuns. Then, we’re enjoying an ice cream from New Zealand called Hokey Pokey, the state cookie of New Mexico, and how to eat a cupcake in Seattle! [Ep 292] About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides…

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An off-the-map bar in Portugal

Spontaneity leads to a memorable travel experience. Taberna Corta I’ll admit it, I’m a planner. When we visit a new city, there’s so many things to see and eat (and drink.) I always have a list of places to visit and, inevitably, we don’t have time to see them all. Sampling some wine at Taberna…

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Food Crawl in the Wine Capital of Rioja

Brent is in the famous Rioja region to enjoy the gastronomic delights of Haro, Spain. He sips a glass of wine in a Medieval Convent, munches peppers in characteristic pintxos bar, and eats cookies in the city’s main plaza. Then, he samples Pincho Pote, a new taco joint, and has a makeshift picnic. Eurostar…

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Mexico City’s Xochimilco with Victor Gamboa

Mexico City’s urban islands of Xochimilco have fed the city for centuries. Victor Gamboa, an environmentalist and tour guide from Culinary Backstreets, is trying to preserve Xochimilco and the farmer’s traditional way of life. Victor tells Brent about how the islands were constructed and how visitors can see this amazing part of Mexico City that’s…

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4 Amazing Wineries in Rioja, Spain

Brent visits 4 incredible wineries in the wine capital of Rioja, Spain. He samples the unique white Tempranillo, a winery awarded the best wine in the world, and even finds time for a delicious local cake. Pasteleria Arrese  Cvne Winery  Muga  Gómez Cruzado  La Rioja Alta About the Author…

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Tallinn, Estonia with Anastassia from Discover Estonia

Brent talks with Anastassia from Discover Estonia about the city of Tallinn and its unique cuisine. We’ll down Estonian Jagermeister, answer a sandwich dilemma, and learn about edible Christmas trees. Plus, chocolate covered cheese curds and a great market in Tallinn. [Ep 290] About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat…

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Buying sweets from cloistered nuns in Seville

Getting ready to try the Yemas de Sant Leandro (photo: Karen L. Campopiano) Seville’s Convento San Leandro was first built in the 14th century. The current convent is from the 17th century with renovations in the 19th century. While the church itself is interesting, the real attraction is the convent. Cloistered nuns make sweets called…

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Diego Velázquez in his hometown of Seville, Spain

Diego Velázquez was a master painter born in Seville. His baroque works are considered some of the best of the 17th century and his technique of contrasting light and dark has influenced artists like Picasso, Dali, and Bacon. Diego Velázquez Velázquez’s self portrait from his painting Las Meninas (image: Wikipedia) Diego Velázquez was born in…

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Podcast: Pasta in Sicily, Turin, Abruzzo & Croatia

Brent searches for the best pasta shape for pesto with NYT bestselling author Katie Parla, tries the stuffed pasta native to Piedmont, is enchanted by a pasta named for a musical instrument, and learns about Croatia rediscovering its pasta heritage. [Ep 288] Show Notes: Katie Parla’s websiteKatie’s book Food of the Italian IslandsI Eat…

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The debate over Christopher Columbus’ final resting place

Columbus may be interred in Seville…or not. Catedral de Santa María de la Sede (Seville Cathedral) The first candidate for Columbus’ final resting place is the Seville Cathedral. Seville Cathedral (photo: Brent Petersen) Like many churches in Spain, the Seville Cathedral was originally a mosque, built 750 years ago during the Almohad Caliphate. After the…

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4 Amazing places for Brazilian Food in Lisbon

Lisbon has an incredibly vibrant Brazilian community with an amazing food culture. Brent samples an Acarajé, a bowl of Feijoada, sugar cane juice, cheese bread, and a tapioca crepe. He also visits a lively market in Portugal’s capital. Feira do Relógio UAIPI Café e mercearia Acarajé da Carol Boteco da DRI…

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Fernando Po winery visits

Brent is in Fernando Po, a village an hour from Lisbon. He visits some local wineries, samples wines, and gets a few bottles to take home. Plus, he gets invited for a delicious lunch made from ingredients at an organic farm in Fernando Po. Humus Farm JBFREITAS VINHOS – Casal Freitas Marcolino…

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The best tapas bars in Cadiz, Spain

Little plates or snacks served to accompany a drink are called Tapas in Spain. These days, it seems every city around the world has at least one Tapas joint. But, Cadiz specifically lays claim to the invention of Tapas. Tapas origin story Of course there’s no way to determine definitively where the idea of Tapa…

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Exploring Lisbon’s Graca neighborhood

Brent is in Graca to ride the new funicular and gave in wonder at the views. Plus, he visits some of the best places to eat and drink in the neighborhood including a spot hiding right in the middle of a popular tourist spot! Le Bar à Crêpes   / lebaracrepeslisboa   Secret Garden   / secretgardenlx   Damas……

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3 great (and 1 not so great) bar in Seville, Spain

Brent visits some fancy and not so fancy spots in Seville for Sherry, Cava, cocktails, and beer including a bar with some of the best views in Seville and a terrific sherry bar. Taberna Manolo CatecaíaTrifulcaÁtico Ratón About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He…

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The unique Tabanco bars of Jerez, Spain

Almost everyone has heard of a tapas bar, but unless you’ve been to Jerez, you’ve probably never heard of a Tabanco. A Tabanco is a unique type of bar found almost exclusively in Jerez. What is a Tabanco? The name Tabanco comes from a fusion of the Spanish words “estanco” (small shops where wine was…

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3 top places to eat & great sites in Seville

Brent visits Seville’s Alcazar & Cathedral and some of the best places to eat near these famous sites including sweet treats from cloistered nuns. BioMio Romero Alcázar of Seville de Sevilla San LeandroPlaza de Toros Negras About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink….

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Tocino de Cielo de Jerez

In Jerez, Spain, they’re famous for a pastry called Tocino de Cielo de Jerez, or just Tocino de Cielo. Translated is means heavenly bacon, which is a pretty weird name for a dessert. But, there’s a reason. Tocino de Cielo at Tabanco El Anticuario (photo: Brent Petersen) Tocino de Cielo was invented by the nuns…

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Portugal’s Freedom Day Celebration

April 25th, 2024 is the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, the event that overthrew the fascist Estado Novo regime. Brent celebrates Freedom Day (Dia da Liberdade) by attending a concert and watching a terrific fireworks display. About the Author Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides in Setubal,…

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6 best Tapas bars in Seville, Spain

Brent is in Seville, Spain to try modern and traditional tapas including a restaurant that’s been doing it for 350 years! Plus, classy soup served in a martini glass and an amazing egg tapa topped with truffles! La Brunilda Tapas Bar Dos de Mayo Espacio Eslava Bodega Santa Cruz   / bodegasantacruzsevilla   El…

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Caldo Verde

Portugal’s Caldo Verde, known as “Green Broth,” originated in Minho, an area that includes the cities of Braga and Viana do Castelo. The soup is so popular, there’s even an annual festival dedicated to it in Irivo. Photo: Brent Petersen Caldo Verde is a simple soup made with potatoes, greens, onions, olive oil and seasoned…

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4 Best Tapas Bars plus Roman Ruins in Cadiz, Spain

Brent is in Cadiz, Spain to visit some incredible tapas bars where he samples an Andalusian soup, potatoes prepared several ways, and a mojito sorbet cocktail! Brent is in Cadiz, Spain to visit some incredible tapas bars where he samples an Andalusian soup, potatoes prepared several ways, and a mojito sorbet cocktail! Support Destination…

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Vinho Verde, Portugal’s Green Wine

The Minho Region of northern Portugal is famous for Vinho Verde. Translated to “Green Wine” the name doesn’t refer to the color of the grapes, but instead the age of the wine as Vinho Verde is typically aged only 6 to 9 months. Vinho Verde origin story Photo: Brent Petersen) 2,000 years ago, the Romans…

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Delicious pastries at 5 amazing bakeries in Jerez, Spain!

Brent is in Andalusia, Spain and the town of Jerez de la Frontera to try the treat the city is famous for. Plus, a cookie made with cola and a visit to the Cathedral of Jerez. Mercado Central de Abastos [0% Gluten] Jerez… Cathedral of Jerez de la Frontera Los Reyes…

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Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Without a doubt, the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus / Mount of Santa Luzia (Santuário do Sagrado Coração de Jesus / Monte de Santa Luzia) is the top attraction in Viana do Castelo. Towering above the city, the church commands incredible views of the Lima River, the city of Viana do Castelo, the…

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