Hot Toddy

Cold weather can mean getting toasty with a Hot Toddy, This bevvie warms two ways, with the hot liquid and the whiskey.

Hot Toddy origin story

No one knows for sure who or where the Hot Toddy was invented.

But the name likely comes the Indian word “toddy.” And while the word toddy came from India, the Indian toddy is palm wine, which has nothing to do with the Hot Toddy.

More likely, the Hot Toddy has its roots in England where Irish doctor Robert Bentley Todd was practicing. In the mid 19th century, Todd would prescribe a drink made of hot brandy, cinnamon, sugar, and water for his patients. Very similar to today’s Hot Toddy.

Modern Hot Toddy

Today, the Hot Toddy is made with hot tea, whiskey, honey, and spices like cloves or cinnamon.

There are lots of variations, too. Brandy or rum can be substituted for the whiskey. Or, you can use gin. Instead of tea, hot apple cider can be used to make a Hot Apple Toddy. And, some folks forego the tea altogether and just use hot water.

For the teetotalers, there’s the Hot Not Toddy. Basically, that’s just hot tea with honey, spices, and a lemon wedge.


Heat 1 cup of water to 185 degrees F. Add green tea and steep 1 to 3 minutes. Add 1 ounce of favorite whiskey. Stir in a teaspoon of organic local honey. Add 2 cloves and a cinnamon stick. 

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