When looking for a snack in Naples, head to the Friggitoria

In Italian, Friggitoria means fryer. And the name is apt. The local Friggitoria shop in Naples has a huge selection of fried snacks.

The popularity of Friggitoria

Rolling out the Crocchè (photo: Brent Petersen)

You’ll find little fry shops (Friggitoria) all over Italy. But, they are especially popular in Naples. It seems there’s one on every corner, especially in the Vomero neighborhood.

One reason there’s so many of these little fry shops is because they’re cheap to operate. Get a little space with a kitchen, a fryer, and a display case and you’re ready to go. A Friggitoria makes for a great family business.

Napolitano (people from Naples) will often stop in a Friggitoria midday for a snack before lunch. After school, kids pack the Friggitoria, happily munching fried treats from a cuoppo (a paper cone filled with fried food).

There’s nothing more traditional than strolling the streets of Naples with a cuoppo, picking at the fried goodies.

What to order at the Friggitoria

If it can be fried, you’ll find it at the Friggitoria. In fact, Napolitano have a saying that “everything tastes better fried, even the sole of your shoe.”

Soon to be fried Zucchini blossoms (photo: Brent Petersen)

Some of the most popular offerings are fried pizza dough, eggplant, rice balls, zucchini flowers, even mozzarella sandwiches are battered and fried. But, the most popular thing to get at the Friggitoria is the Crocchè. Mashed potatoes are breaded and fried. Heavenly.

Crocchè have a cousin called Gattoncino. Gattoncino are mashed potatoes rolled flat and stuffed with cheese.

Vegetarians should take note that Gattoncino are sometimes filled with meat as are some of the other dishes at the Friggitoria. Vegans should also be aware that almost everything at the Friggitoria uses eggs to bind the breadcrumbs to the item being fried.

Where to get your fried treats in Naples

There’s too many Friggitoria to count in Naples. It’s like bars in Dublin, they’re everywhere.

Pizza coming out of the oven at Acunzo Pizzeria (photo: Brent Petersen)

But, my favorite is Friggitoria Vomero. They’ve been around for decades and it’s in the popular Vomero neighborhood. Friggitoria Vomero do a great job with fresh and tasty fried dishes. If I had to pick a favorite, the Crocchè are especially good, but really, you can’t go wrong.

And, Friggitoria Vomero is next door to Acunzo Pizzeria. In a city filled with famous pizzerias, Acunzo stands out as a place that makes outstanding pizza, but flies under the radar.

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