New Year’s Eve & red underwear

If you’re in Italy for New Year’s Eve, be sure to wear this specifically colored undergarment.

New Year’s Eve

When December rolls around, this market in Ortigia will also have red underwear for sale (photo: Brent Petersen)

All over the world there are different customs on New Year’s Eve. In Spain, people eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight. Each grape represents good luck in each month of the coming year.

In Columbia, supposedly, people walk around the block with an empty suitcase. This will ensure an upcoming year of travel (let’s hope so!).

Of course, in the U.S. we kiss our significant other to ring in the new year.

In Italy, especially in Sicily, people will traditionally wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve. This symbolizes not only good fortune for the new year, but, specifically, a fulfilling sex life.

Where to get your red underwear

Now, you could just go to the department store and buy some rouge drawers, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, go to the local farmers market.

I know, you’d never buy boxers at the farmers market in the U.S., but in Europe, and especially in Italy, markets not only sell produce, but household goods as well. So, in addition to eggplant and squash and strawberries, you can also get socks and laundry detergent.

And, when the end of December rolls around, vendors start stocking their stalls with red unmentionables.

Grab a pair and maybe a tin of breath mints as well cuz it’s going to be a busy new year!

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