Uso de Mascara

Cases of Covid are currently spiking in Portugal, like much of the rest of the world. But, Portugal’s citizens are good about wearing masks in public, which seems to have blunted the virus’ spread somewhat.

Portugal’s efforts to contain the spread

When entering indoor spaces in Portugal, everyone wears a mask. If you forget, you are politely reminded to put on a mask. And everyone complies. There’s no whining about the infringement of personal liberty (what about the liberty of the people who catch the virus because of anti-maskers’ petulance?).

Photo: Brent Petersen

Perhaps most surprisingly, lots of people wear a mask when outdoors, even though it is not mandated. If there’s no one around, people will still wear a mask. I guess it’s a precaution in case someone comes around a corner or unexpectedly gets too close.

In addition, testing sites are everywhere. Pop-up kiosks (the Portuguese love all kinds of kiosks) have busy healthcare workers testing people in public squares.

Uso de Mascara

There is nothing funny about Covid. The virus is horrible and has killed millions of people.

But, as an English speaker, I smile (from behind my mask) when I see signs on doors that say “Uso de Mascara.” Literally, this translates to “Use a mask.” Good advise, right?

However, I always think that I’m being reminded to add some eyeliner.

Image: Billy Joe Armstrong
Author: Brent