Pastel de Nata crawl in Lisbon, Part 1

Brent is in Lisbon to try Portugal’s famous custard tart, the Pastel de Nata. He visits the place where it was invented and some other spots to try the delicious treat including a couple off the beaten path bakeries.

Mafraria Pastéis de Nata

Pastéis de Belém

Jerónimos Monastery


Pastelaria Aloma


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Brent Petersen is the Editor-in-Chief of Destination Eat Drink. He currently resides in Setubal, Portugal. Brent has written the novel “Truffle Hunt” (Eckhartz Press) and the short story collection “That Bird.” He’s also written dozens of foodie travel guides to cities around the world on Destination Eat Drink, including in-depth eating and drinking guides to Lisbon, P

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