Regatta of Bathtubs and Unusual Boats

The annual Banheiras e Insólitos Regatta of Baía do Sado is a celebration of homemade (barely) seaworthy boats in Setubal, Portugal

Banheiras e Insólitos Regatta of Baía do Sado (video: Brent Petersen)

It seems there’s always something fun going on in our town of Setubal, Portugal. Music festivals, great food & drink, and sporting events are commonplace. Then, there’s the oddball Banheiras e Insólitos Regatta of Baía do Sado (Regatta of Bathtubs and Unusual Boats).

Held each year and starting on the waterfront at the Urban Park of Albarquel in Setubal, human and windpowered makeshift watercraft try to complete the 300 meter course on the Sado River. A few will make it with relative ease while most will struggle with steering and/or taking on water.

Luckily, the local coast guard is on hand to help with anyone who runs into real trouble.

After the light hearted race is completed everyone gathers on the beach for a beer or two.

Afterparty and some well-deserved beverages (photo: Brent Petersen)

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