Music school in Lucca, Italy

Lucca, Italy (photo: Brent Petersen)

Yet another entry in my long list of examples of why you should keep yourself open to saying “yes” to unexpected experiences.

In Lucca, Italy we were walking around the town, searching for a place to eat, when we noticed a lot of college-age kids coming and going from a building. They were all carrying musical instruments.

Karen and I watched for a minute or two and then walked up to the building. The door was open and I peeked inside; it was a small auditorium.  A young lady was playing a piano for a couple of older people sitting near the front of the stage. Otherwise, the seats inside were empty.

After the young lady finished, the tiny audience spoke among themselves, said something to her, and she left the stage. Then, another women came on stage and played for a few minutes, getting the same response from the spectators.

We stayed for an hour, watching several performances on cello, piano, violin and even a couple singers. We found out later that we had been watching auditions for the music school. And none of this would have happened had we kept on walking.

Author: Brent